When you’re meticulously designing your baby’s nursery or child’s room, decor will play a pivotal role in bringing their space to life. What kind of art you have on the walls can potentially help to shape their minds and their imagination for life.

Selecting Art by Choosing a Theme

One way to choose artwork is by choosing a theme, of which there can be many. A wall filled with inspirational quotes to empower your child? Be Who You Are and Love Who You Are are fun and empowering to the young mind. Looking for jungle animals? Try the Portrait of a Giraffe, the Monkey that dropped his banana and the elephant Looking For You.

Giraffe Art Painting

elephant art painting

How about Airstreams and Airplanes? Artimals Studio has several great whimsical paintings of pilot dog flying various airplanes! My favorite is Pilot Dog flying a Vans RV 4 plane over the bridge in Spokane, WA.


 Pilot Dog airplane Vans RV6

Spokane pilot dog aiplane art

Choose Art that Inspires the Imagination

Your child’s room is where the magic happens: this is their place to build forts and castles, play make believe, and create some of their best masterpieces to date. And just like grown-ups, your kids will find inspiration in their surroundings and use it to make sense of their world and come up with new ideas.

When you’re choosing art, find pieces that let their imaginations run wild. Encourage them to dream big and have fun in a space made just for them. You never know what idea they’ll think up next.

Choose Complementary Colors

Rather than focus on the objects of your room theme, consider the colors that tie the elements together. These same colors can be displayed in your child’s art pieces to create a professional, cohesive look — even when the art itself has nothing to do with the other thematic pieces! Many parents choosing Artimals to decorate their rooms, have selected a color from one of the paintings, used that to paint the walls, and then the wall colors and the art together make a cohesive room.

Focus on the Size of the Space

The size of your wall art is just as important as the picture on display. You wouldn’t want to hang a tiny 5x7 picture on a long, blank wall, nor will you want to place a huge picture in the small space between the window and the corner.

With the right size and subject, you can make your kid’s room look bigger, which can make it even more inviting for playtime. Noelle Dass Artimals prints can be made in any size! Parents will often choose a larger piece accented by smaller pieces on either side, but again it depends on the wall sizes.


Noelle Dass has created hundreds of bold and colorful paintings for your child’s room (and young at heart adults!) Happy Dog art, Sweet Cat art, adventurous Pilot Dog airplane art, inspring quote paintings and much more! Shop the collections of Noelle Dass Artimals Studio and you will find engaging and imaginative art to spark and inspire young minds!



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