One of my favorite paintings is called Possibility and is of an octopus holding onto a yellow balloon. Many of my art fans have also really loved this one and what I love and find so fascinating is how differently people interpret it.

octopus reaching holding onto a balloon imaginative creative art


When I see this art painting, I think of an Octopus who was hanging around in his environment under water, maybe he was bored one afternoon, and along comes a yellow balloon. He quickly reaches up to grab it, and away he goes onto an adventure. Maybe he goes to a neighboring island, or maybe he always wanted to go to Africa and see an elephant, and so goes there.

Or maybe he brings it with him underwater and shares it with his friends, or hides it. Maybe it is a magic balloon, as one fan suggested.

I love that the balloon represents so many different possibilities. To me it represents how your life is never set in stone, how anything can come along at any moment to change the course of your life, if you reach for that opportunity.


Another painting that is interpreted in different ways is called "A Meditation on Perspective" It is a painting of a fish appearing to leap into a bear's mouth. What I love about this painting is that its focus is about what perspective do we look at things in life? Do we see our life events from the bear's point of view, or from the fish's point of view? Or perhaps the fish misses the bears mouth entirely, swims away and has a full life, living fully with gratitude  after having a brush with death. There are many angles to which we can view our lives.

Salmon fish jumping into a bear's mouth canvas paper art print


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